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Turundusgala recognizes the best of students' marketing efforts!

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Who are we?

We are creative souls, university patriots on fire and environmental activists. We are a bunch of students who think there could never be too many student events in the world. We are the creators of the first nationwide marketing competition for student associations.

Why are we?

The idea for the event was born from the dream to increase the sense of belonging among students and to draw student associations’ attention to marketing, the key factor in any project. Student-led associations have been the leaders and guides of this dream for eternity. This is why our mission is to recognise their achievements, ensure their sustainability and thus contribute to the enlivening of the student life.

Organising events is known for being environmentally harmful. We have accepted the challenge to fight against it. Today we can proudly say that Turundusgala follows environmentally friendly principles. If we manage to convince at least one more person of its necessity, we have reached our goal.